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Friday, March 25, 2005

Venezuelan VP responds to Rummy's lack of imagination

Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel issued a statement in response to Dumbsfiend's complaints about Venezuela's purchasing of 100,000 AK-47 rifles from Russia. An excerpt:
The Lord of War, Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense of the United States made some statements following the same line of repeating the usual impertinences about Venezuela. These impertinences inspired by the goal of getting involved in the internal politics of other nations and violate our sovereignty, continue being utilized systematically by U.S. officials.

In Venezuela we are worried about the elevated military spending by the United States, which stands around 450 billion dollars, representing a spending that surpasses that of the 18 other military powers that follow them. The U.S. alone absorbs 36% of the world's military spending. This has generated great preoccupation in the majority of the countries around the world, since there is no justification for the building of so many devices for war.

As the government of that country has said in repeated opportunities, they are the greatest military power in history, and its objectives are to control and assure its hegemony over the rest of the world. What are they fearing in order to justify such increase in military spending? Can anybody believe such country could be invaded by a foreign power? What is really happening is that the U.S. has developed a very new doctrine through which they justify their arms buildups. This is the frequently mentioned preventive war. For them it is not about peace, but about preventive war. This is the doctrine that has the whole world worried because, as we all know, it has already been put into practice.
The Bushies have restarted the arms race by claiming the right to attack any nation at any time without reason, but choosing only to attack the weakest and most defenseless (and oil-soaked) among them. Compare the treatment of Afghanistan to that of Pakistan, or Iraq to North Korea. Like all bullies, the Bushies pick on the weak. Rangel has clearly spelled out to Rummy what the world thinks.