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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Supremely Stupid

Via WIIIAI, I learn about today's Supreme Court decision not to overturn a lower court decision which said, in essence, that newspapers can be sued for reporting the truth. What happened was that, in a raucous city council meeting in Pennsylvania, one of the council members called the mayor and the council president "liars," "queers" and "child molesters." They sued him for slander, as is their right, but then they also sued the local paper for accurately reporting the incident. Today the Supremes said that that's okay.

A few questions arise:
  • What else do newspapers do? Quoting false statements by politicians is their bread and butter.
  • Couldn't the LA Times now be sued for repeating the truthful reporting of the false allegations in its story? How about me for linking to it?
  • I look forward to some lawyer arranging for Saddam Hussein to sue the entire US establishment media for accurately reporting the WMD lies which came from the Bushies.