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Friday, March 25, 2005

I Can't Imagine What India and Pakistan Might Do With F-16's

The Bushies have okayed the sale of F-16 fighter planes to both India and Pakistan, bitter nuclear rivals which go to or beyond the brink of war every five years or so. Rummy can't imagine why Venezuela would need 100,000 rifles--can he possibly guess what rival nuclear powers might do with jets capable of delivering nukes?

Our government is so completely corrupt and evil, it's almost beyond belief. Reagan/Bush Sr. armed BOTH SIDES of the bitter Iran-Iraq war in the 1980's, supplying the excuse for attacking Iraq TWICE after they decided they didn't like Saddam anymore.

The government claims that supplying Pakistan with F-16's is its reward for supporting the criminal "war on terror." Pakistan, who supported al Qaeda, nurtured the Taliban, and supplied nuclear technology to several countries we're supposed not to like. If the F-16's aren't used to nuke India, they'll probably be used to put down any opposition to Mushareff's dictatorship, making sure that freedom doesn't try to march in there.

Bloody, horrible, criminal hypocrites.