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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Crime Continues

Two years later, and the U.S. military continues its brutal occupation of Iraq. The previous dictator has been captured and mock elections staged, but mostly people just continue to die, die, die. By far the biggest criminal of the 21st century so far, George Worthless Bush continues to deny any wrongdoing or errors. Somehow, he and his co-conspirators have been able to spin the long-predicted chaos this war has caused into a hallucinatory "march of freedom," and large parts of the American public have been so brainwashed as to fall for it. Reality approaches quickly, however, and the disgust with the American Imperial Project felt by the rest of the world will likely have a major impact soon, especially in the economic area. Through their reckless wars and tax cuts, the Bushies have put the U.S. basically into bankruptcy, and the rest of the world they have so rudely ignored is likely to treat the Bushies like the Bushies have treated the poor and middle class in this country with the recent bankruptcy bill--like dirt, that is.

There is going to be a rally and protest march here in Ann Arbor today, with activities starting at 1 pm and the march at 2:30. See the Michigan Peaceworks site for details.