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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Conservatives join with liberals and ACLU to fight Patriot Act

Led by former Georgia Republican Congressman Bob Barr, the "Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances" aims to get Congress to rescind three of the worst provisions of the Fascism Act of 2001:
The group said it would focus its efforts on urging Congress to scale back three provisions of the law that let federal agents conduct "sneak and peek" searches of a home or business without immediately notifying the subject of such searches; demand records from institutions like libraries and medical offices; and use a broad definition of terrorism in pursuing suspects.
Paul Weyrich, who is chairman of the Free Congress Foundation and a prominent conservative who joined the coalition, said he thought the administration, and in particular the former attorney general, John Ashcroft, had adopted an "absolutist" defense of the law.

Mr. Weyrich said he took offense at comments by Mr. Ashcroft suggesting that if people raised concerns about the law, "you were aiding and abetting terrorists. I don't think my colleagues here ought to be put in that position."

Other conservatives who voiced concerns Tuesday included Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Taxpayer Reform; David Keane, chairman of the American Conservative Union, and leaders of the Second Amendment Foundation and other gun-rights groups.
Remember, the Bushies are not "conservative;" they're insane, as are their friends in the "opposition" like the Clintons and John Kerry. Real conservatives, like real liberals, oppose the wars, secrecy and fascism of the current misadministration.