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Monday, January 17, 2005

Product-Placement Inauguration

DETROIT (Reuters) - President Bush will ride down Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration Day in the new Cadillac DTS limousine, giving the first glimpse of the new flagship sedan from General Motors Corp., the automaker said Monday.

The black presidential limousine is wider, taller and longer than the DTS sedan, but it shows the new sharper-edged styling for the new model, which goes on sale this fall.

Transporting Bush in Thursday's parade will help reinforce Cadillac's image, said Keith Spondike, marketing manager for the DTS and its predecessor, the DeVille.
It would be a lot more appropriate if aWol were inaugurated in downtown Baghdad, and rode there from the airport in a un-armored Humvee. Then on to balls in Fallujah, Ramadi, Mosul and Basra. Maybe he could hang out in Iraq and supervise the elections personally? Our nation's capitol and our retirement money would both be a lot safer.