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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Poison Me Once, Shame on You...

I think that the only "truth" that we can know for absolute sure is that we are being lied to constantly. Via Xymphora, I learned of a NY Times article about the alledged behind-the-scenes activities which changed the Viktor of the Ukrainian "election." (Probably almost all "elections" deserve to be put in "quotation marks" these days.) I haven't read the whole article yet, but the passage highlighted by Xymphora should be enough to make anyone realize that whatever happened in Kiev, it certainly wasn't democracy:
Not long after Pravda posted the transcript, General Smeshko left the meeting with Mr. Kuchma and headed to a S.B.U. safe house in Kiev for a secret liaison with Mr. Yushchenko, the opposition leader.

The meeting had self-evident ironies. Mr. Yushchenko, nearly incapacitated after being poisoned by dioxin in the summer, a crime that remains unsolved, had publicly linked the poisoning to a meeting with General Smeshko and another S.B.U. general.

Now he wanted another talk. The group met in a tiny room, behind a drawn yellow curtain, and ate fruit. Present were General Sarnatskyi, General Smeshko and General Romanchenko, as well as Mr. Yushchenko, Mr. Ribachuk and another Yushchenko ally.
At first, it seems a little bizarre that someone would go back to dine again with a guy who may have done this to him:

But then I realized that metaphorically, this being inauguration day and all, that's pretty much exactly what America has done.