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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Our No-Account pResident

From WIIIAI, (who identified his/her gender and first name to me in an e-mail, but whose blogging anonymity I will continue to respect):
This blog has spoken frequently about the poverty of Bush’s understanding of democracy in the context of Afghan and Iraqi elections, but I’d like to return to his much-quoted comment in the WaPo interview that “We had an accountability moment, and that’s called the 2004 elections.” Here’s how my computer dictionary defines “moment”: “1 a brief period of time. 2 an exact point in time.” In Bush’s vision, democratic accountability is an exact point in time, Election Day, one day out of 1,461, and the very last accountability moment of his political career is now behind him. What does that make him, class? That’s right: unaccountable. So abandon your protests, your speeches and diatribes, your letters to the editor or the White House, your petitions and remonstrances, because the moment in which even Bush considered himself accountable to the American people has come... and it has gone.
I'll confess that I'm currently both cynical and depressed enough to believe that the only thing that's going to bring Bush down is the crushing reality of his failed policies. His supporters are, for the most part, completely immune to facts and arguments, and there appears little hope that Congress or the media will ever reign him in. How bad things will have to get before these fascists are finally removed from power is the big question.