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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

No WMD's

From the NY Times:
The top American weapons inspector in Iraq, Charles A. Duelfer, has wrapped up his work there, a step that ends the search for illicit weapons, an intelligence official said Tuesday night.

Mr. Duelfer issued a comprehensive report last fall that acknowledged that Iraq had destroyed its chemical and biological weapons in the early 1990's, years before the American invasion of 2003. But Mr. Duelfer returned to Iraq for further investigations after that report was issued. In an article in its Wednesday issue, The Washington Post reported that he had ended that work in late December.

The intelligence official said that Mr. Duelfer was still likely to issue several small additional statements on his findings, but that none would contradict the central conclusions that Iraq did not possess illicit weapons at the time of the American invasion.
Over a billion dollars was spent on the Iraqi Survey Group, a 1,200-member military organization, headed up first by David Kay and then by Duelfer, to reach the same conclusion that reasonable people had reached back in the fall of 2002--Iraq posed no threat whatsoever to the US. That this idiot country could re-elect the criminals who started this mayhem based on total lies is depressing beyond words.