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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Heading Home!

Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking the CalTrain from Palo Alto to San Francisco, and then an Amtrak bus to the Emeryville (Oakland) station. The California Zephyr will leave Emeryville, hopefully, at 9:35 am, arriving in Chicago on Saturday about 3:30 pm. I'll then take the 6 pm train for Ann Arbor, arriving hopefully around 11:55 pm. I think they've got some WiFi in the train station in Chicago, but other than that I'll be out of touch until then. I'll be turning off and packing up this computer shortly and heading for bed, ready for that early departure.

I'm going in style this time, with a sleeper car! In addition to the private room with flat bed and electrical outlet (no internet, though), all meals will be included. I'll probably read and sleep more and sightsee and photograph less on the way back, although Colorado is definitely worth a second look. Hopefully all of the snow now falling from Nebraska to Michigan will be cleared off the tracks before I get to it!

Anyway, I should be back into the working and blogging routine by next week. Happy New Year to all!