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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year?

It would be nice to think that 2005 couldn't possibly be worse than 2004, but that's obviously not true, or even likely. While tens of thousands died violent deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, and from various natural disasters, the main thing that most Americans lost last year was hope, which was very feebly represented by John Kerry and the Democratic party. Our hope was fed by the revelations from Paul O'Neill, David Kay, Richard Clarke and others, which made us think that possibly THIS was finally something that the media, the Democrats and the public at large couldn't ignore. But ignore it they did, and the worst and most criminal president in our history was re-selected.

If there's any basis for hope in 2005, it would see to come from the realization that there is NO hope for resolving this situation through political means only. The Democrats sold us out big time by nominating a pro-war, free-trading dullard who didn't even seem to want to be president (I despise you, John Kerry!!!). Chances are that economic collapse will be the only way to wrest control away from the warmongering imperialists, Republican and Democratic. The collapse will almost certainly happen; we need to be prepared so that the country and world will move towards a more just system and not fall into Nazi or Soviet totalitarianism.

My belief, and meager hope, is that we can hasten and guide the collapse of the present corrupt system, and help to develop a better one, by withdrawing our participation in the global economy as much as possible. Buy nothing in preference to buying something. Buy used over new, local over national or imported. Stay out of debt. I don't know for sure what will work, but I'm convinced that the present system is a sure recipe for global disaster. Check in here and at various other web sites like Homeland Absurdity and From the Wilderness for ideas and updates on how we might be able to change things for the better.

Happy New Year.