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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Everybody's nuts now!

Jonathan at A Tiny Revolution that will have you laughing and/or screaming (judging from the comments on the first, it will be mostly screaming if you haven't sold your soul to the Microsoft devil).

The first links to a wmv file which should convince you that filming a beheading video is anything but easy (and watching it is impossible without Windows). The second post employs a little history to satirically illustrate how truly crazy the neocons are. I especially liked Jonathan's very cynical note in his comments:
politics at a high level is generally a battle between the sane evil people and the insane evil people. And you have to pray the sane evil people win.

The sane evil people are those like Scowcroft, Powell, Albright, etc. They do make some sort of rational, if evil, cost-benefit calculation.

I assume the insane evil people currently running the US are making some kind of cost-benefit calculation in their minds. But it's certainly not rational.

As Harry says, they're not (just) profiteering. They really have some sort of grand vision of a purified world. You can see this even with Social Security, where they may try to borrow trillions of dollars to accomplish their ideological goals... even when doing so would risk crashing the US economy, thereby costing their benefactors far more money than they'll get looting SS.

That's why they're so scary. You really can't predict how far they'll go, because they've already shown they'll risk destroying themselves. (And us, of course. But that's irrelevant, both to sane and insane evil leaders.)