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Monday, January 03, 2005

Blogged Up

I'm still here in rainy California. We had trouble with my brother's wireless network yesterday, and of course my whole routine is different. I'll be taking the train back to Michigan, leaving Thursday morning and arriving Saturday evening, with probably no chance to blog during that time. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm going over to Santa Cruz to visit my niece and her boyfriend at UCSC. Last Friday, my brother drove me over to Mount Diablo, the 3,849-foot mountain which dominates the landscape just east of the Bay Area. We hiked around a bit up there, enjoying the views of San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and more. Saturday we went for a long run through the Stanford campus and up a hill to a couple of radio telescopes. Good views from up there as well.

Anyhow, blogging will probably remain light until next Monday when I'll start getting back into my routine. Michelle, as usual, has tons of interesting stuff on her blog, and Cyndy has links to some real scary stuff about energy surges, earthquakes, and weather control.

I'm reading along in The Creature From Jekyll Island, which I'll probably have finished by the end of my next train ride. (My earlier comments on that book.)