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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Arundhati Roy is a smart woman

From Sharon Smith on Counterpunch:
Award-winning Indian writer and global justice activist Arundhati Roy got to the heart of the issue in a San Francisco speech on August 16: "It is absurd to condemn the resistance to the U.S. occupation in Iraq, as being masterminded by terrorists," she said. "After all, if the United States were invaded and occupied, would everybody who fought to liberate it be a terrorist?"

If we are waiting for the "ideologically pure" movement--assuming the unlikely scenario that all those opposed to the war could agree on one--we could be waiting forever.

As Roy explained, "Like most resistance movements, [the Iraqis] combine a motley range of assorted factions. Former Baathists, liberals, Islamists, fed-up collaborationists, communists, etc. Of course, it is riddled with opportunism, local rivalry, demagoguery and criminality. But if we were to only support pristine movements, then no resistance will be worthy of our purity.

"Before we prescribe how a pristine Iraqi resistance must conduct their secular, feminist, democratic, nonviolent battle, we should shore up our end of the resistance by forcing the U.S. and its allied governments to withdraw from Iraq."
Now would be a good time to remind the sleazebags in Congress that more money won't make things better in Iraq--pretty much every dime the U.S. has ever spent destroying or otherwise inflicting its will on Mesopotamia has made things worse. Call your congresscritters today and tell them not to support the request for the waste of another $80 billion. Call 800-839-5276 and ask for your representative or senator.