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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Anybody but Kerry in '08!

Actually, I think all "anybody but" campaigns are absurd copouts, and the "anybody but Bush" slogan only led to one thing--Bush. But John Kerry is such a pitiful excuse for a candidate and a human being--I think it is time now to make it clear to him and everyone that he will NOT be an acceptable candidate in 2008.

Michelle has an infuriating post about how Kerry still has some $15 million to $17 million in his campaign account, money that might have gone to try and swing another state or two, or maybe monitor polls in Ohio, or perhaps to benefit other Democratic candidates. However, MSNBC says that Kerry may be planning on using the money to jump-start a 2008 presidential bid. That would be SO wrong, since probably 90% of the money came from Democrats for whom Kerry was the third or seventh or ninth choice, and wished fervently that they had a better (and anti-war) candidate to support. And if he couldn't beat the worst president in history, whose policies were actively crumbling before our eyes during the campaign, what makes Kerry think he could beat any other Repug?

Go Cheney yourself, John Kerry.