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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Why the Shiites are supporting the Iraqi election

Liz Sly of the Chicago Tribune reports from Baghdad:
"This election, for me, will be the happiest moment in my life, because it means we will end the occupation," said Ahmad al-Asadi, who sells mobile phones from a little store alongside the Kadhimiya mosque, a Shiite shrine.

That's how Shiite leaders are pitching the vote: as a chance to end America's military presence in Iraq peacefully, through the ballot box.
Sly doesn't mention the probable U.S. reaction to being asked to leave (look at how quickly we pulled back after handing over "sovereignty!"). She does note, however, that even the Shiites know that the election won't be the end to all of their troubles:
In Kadhimiya, Shiites say they won't countenance any delay, though Ahmad, the hotelier, says he understands Sunni concerns.

"One hundred percent, the Shiites will win," he said. "And for sure there will be trouble, because the Kurds don't want the Shiites, and the Sunnis don't want the Shiites. Nobody wants the Shiites."
Well, there you go! There's aWol's excuse! We have to support the democratically-elected Shiite government of Iraq by continuing to kill Iraqis! (Note to the Shiites: Pay close attention to how much respect the Bushies have paid to the democratically-elected governments in Venezuela and Haiti.)