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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Truth-tellers will be punished

Reporter Gary Webb wrote a series of articles for the San Jose Mercury-News in 1996 which described the connection between the CIA, the Nicaraguan Contras, and drug smuggling. Although his work was ridiculed by several major newspapers, his claims were largely vindicated by two CIA Inspector General reports in 1998. Still, Webb lost his job, and his career went downhill.

Last Friday Webb died of an apparent suicide, a gunshot wound to the head.

I'm just starting to read the details--links to which can be found in Cyndy's post. Suffice it to say that critics of the CIA have a phenomenally high propensity towards suicide. It's also disgusting to find out that most of Webb's obituaries refer to his investigations having been discredited by major newspapers like the NY Times, Washington Post, and LA Times, even though his reports were later largely substantiated by the CIA itself.

Donald Rumsfeld is a senile, lying buffoon, and he's still got his job. Gary Webb tried to tell the truth and lost his life.