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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Quote du Jour

So, more than a little humiliated, I asked the next guy who walked by if he could help. I don't know what I said, exactly, but it was something like: Excuse me, sir? Can you tell me how to make a car go backwards in your country? Because I have beached my Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and I am facing a brick wall.
That's from Bob Harris, describing his latest adventure in Merry Olde England--trying to back up in his rental car.

I haven't read many travelogues in my lengthy history of reading, mostly because the few I have read were so mind-numbingly boring. Bob Harris, on the other hand, writes travelogues that are both stranger than fiction and much more entertaining. He has started a web page featuring these stories. Unfortunately, it only has one posted so far. Fortunately, some of his earlier travelogues are still available on Tom Tomorrow's web site--here and here.