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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Post Mortem

The Washington Post, which was cheerleading as aWol took this nation into the brutal and senseless war in Iraq, sees the ever-growing and obvious signs of failure as only a reason to keep committing the crime:
Those who struck yesterday hope a spectacular and bloody attack will drive the United States out of Iraq, as it was driven from Lebanon and Somalia, and doom those Iraqis who now risk their lives for the elections. That's why the only possible answer is that of those brave Virginia soldiers: to pick up the wounded, pray for the dead and return to the mission.
I am so sick of this BS; the war was a crime when it started, and every day it goes on is a brand new crime. If an intruder came into your house and killed one of your children, would you then decide you wanted him to stay if he offered college scholarships for your other kids? NO! You'd want the bastard out ASAP.

Actually, I'm taking the Post too much at face value. These people know what's going on--that the elections, like every other excuse for starting or continuing this war, are a sham. The Post is just a state-run mouthpiece for the criminals running this country.