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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Made it!

I'm here in California! The train arrived in Sacramento about three hours late, but my brother was almost as late because of the nasty rains they've had out here. Lots of amazing scenery between Tahoe and Sacramento, but I think Colorado was even more spectacular. I'll post more photos when I have time. My brother has wireless internet set up here, so I'll be more or less back in the blogging business for the next eight days.

During the 24 hours I was on the train from Grand Junction to Sacramento, I read the entire book The New Pearl Harbor. It spells out pretty clearly why the real conspiracy nuts in this world are the ones who believe the official explanation, such as it is, of what happened on 9/11. Now, I'm returning to reading The Creature From Jekyll Island, which Rick recommended to me. It investigates to fraud that is banking in general, and the Federal Reserve System in particular. It's interesting in many ways--one that intrigues me is that the author seems to be pretty much a free-market capitalist type, but he comes to generally the same conclusions that I do, that the wealthy elite of the world are using a variety of scams to cheat the rest of us out of house and treasure. If you've always thought that money and banking were too complicated to fully understand, well, that's exactly how they want it. It's a huge fraud, and it depends on most of us being ignorant.