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Friday, December 10, 2004

Lying is always the first option

SEC. RUMSFELD: I talked to the General coming out here about the pace at which the vehicles are being armored. They have been brought from all over the world, wherever theyíre not needed, to a place here where they are needed. Iím told that they are being Ė the Army is Ė I think itís something like 400 a month are being done. And itís essentially a matter of physics. It isnít a matter of money. It isnít a matter on the part of the Army of desire. Itís a matter of production and capability of doing it.
The U.S. Army is renegotiating with a Florida company to increase production of uparmored Humvees from 450 a month up to 550 a month, a senior Pentagon official said Friday.
According to The Associated Press, Armor Holdings Inc., a company that refits U.S. military vehicles, said Thursday it could increase production by 50 to 100 trucks per month.

The Army said that until the issue this week, it was unaware that Armor Holdings could refit more vehicles. The Army said it thought that the company had commitments to other customers.
So, Mr. Rumsfeld--which other customers have a higher priority than the U.S. military when soldiers are dying? Especially when it isn't a matter of money or desire. Not enough desire, apparently, to call up Armor Holdings and ask them--until today.

Why does this senile moron still have his job?