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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Just Don't Believe Anything

Mike sent me a link to a Justin Raimondo article questioning the Yushchenko dioxin-poisoning story:
I knew there was something fishy about the whole "Yushchenko-was-poisoned-by-the-bad-guys" narrative, even as I blindly accepted the pronouncement of Dr. Michael Zimpfer, of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic in Vienna, that tests had "proved" the poisoning hypothesis, and he now considers the "case closed." To begin with, dioxin as a tool of would-be assassins just doesn't make a whole lot of sense: the victim would take far too long to die, and, besides that, not a single case of death-by-dioxin poisoning has ever been recorded. Another suspicious adjunct to this story: Yushchenko declared that he wants to delay the investigation into who poisoned him until after the December 26 election.
Raimondo links to a doctor's blog--the doctor says that based on the evidence he has seen and heard, it is much more likely that Yushchenko has alcoholic pancreatitis than that he has dioxin poisoning.

I will say that if this is an election ploy, the swift-boat crap seems pretty minor by comparison!