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Friday, December 24, 2004

Heading West

I'm leaving tomorrow (Christmas) morning for California. I'm going on Amtrak, leaving Ann Arbor at 8:23 in the morning. I'll change trains in Chicago. I'll be spending Sunday night in Grand Junction, Colorado--the hotel reportedly has wireless internet, so I should be able to blog from there! Back on the train 24 hours later, arriving in Sacramento about 2 pm on Tuesday. (My ticket goes all the way to Oakland, but my brother said he'd drive out from Palo Alto and pick me up in Sacramento. Maybe we'll see Ahnuld!) Bro Jim just set up wi-fi in his house, so my blogging should continue from there.

If you need a more frequent blog fix, check my blog roll. Lots of great insights there--Michelle seems to have the best links to the most interesting and/or outrageous stories, if that's what you're looking for!

And Happy Holidays to all, especially Bill O'Reilly!