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Friday, December 10, 2004

He broke into the home of a 63-year-old invalid...

stormed into his bedroom, and shot him dead. The cops know exactly who did it, and they know where he is. So why isn't this murderer being prosecuted?

Because he's a cop himself:
The Denver police officer who shot and killed an unarmed 63-year-old bedridden man will not be charged, Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter announced Wednesday morning.

After a three-month investigation, nine of the 12 members of the grand jury could not come to an agreement on whether there was enough evidence to indict Officer Ranjan Ford Jr. Ford had mistaken a soda pop can for a weapon and shot and killed Frank Lobato on July 11.

"If the citizens, who have every good intention, sit and listen to the evidence and can't get to a place where nine of them can agree that he should be indicted, using a probable cause standard, then I can't ethically go forward believing that I can convince 12 people beyond a reasonable doubt that he's committed the elements of the crime charged," Ritter said.
Officers had gone to the west Denver home on July 11 looking for Lobato's nephew, Vincent Martinez, who was wanted on suspicion of beating his wife and holding her hostage. When no one answered knocks on the front door, officers climbed in through a window, using a ladder borrowed from the fire department. By that time, Martinez had escaped by jumping out of that same second-story window and Lobato was the only person in the home.

Lobato was apparently laying in bed watching TV when police officers climbed through and opened his closed bedroom door. He was shot once in the left side of his chest and died at the hospital. Relatives said Lobato was an invalid who needed crutches to move around.

Ford, 34, said he saw Lobato pick up a shiny object that he thought was a gun. That object turned out to be a soda can.
Apparently, Ritter NEVER prosecutes cops:
Ford's case marked the 38th consecutive time Ritter has declined to prosecute a Denver officer after a fatal shooting since taking office a decade ago, a record that has drawn criticism from some residents.
So last week the "Justice" department was arguing that the military could arrest anyone, anywhere, at anytime; this week, a Denver prosecutor decides that cops can kill anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Don't you feel safer?

(Via Bob Harris)