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Monday, December 06, 2004

Clueless in Skidaddle

Tom Tomorrow and others have commented on this little tidbit:
Tommy G. Thompson, the secretary of health and human services, announced Friday that he was resigning, and he expressed grave concern about the threat of a global flu epidemic and the possibility of a terrorist attack on the nation's food supply.

"For the life of me," he said, "I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do."
Now Tom Tomorrow thinks this was stupid because terrorists may not have already thought of it. Now, I respect Tom Tomorrow. I've read his books. He even posted a link to my blog once! But I've got to disagree with him here. The real insight to be gained here is that Thompson has believed the Bushies' own propaganda--that al Qaeda numbers in the millions and has infiltrated every food processing plant and grocery store in America. The war on terror is a CROCK, Tommy! Science News estimates that 1809 Americans die from food poisoning each year--meaning that more than twice as many Americans have died from food poisoning during W's (mis)administration than have died from terrorism. Both numbers pale in comparison with gun fatalities and auto crashes.

Of the big problems facing America, "terrorism" is NOT one of them. The "war on terror" is, however, having killed some 1400 Americans so far, along with tens of thousands of mostly innocent Afghans and Iraqis. Yes, I remember 9/11. I also remember every month since then when over 3000 people have died on our highways. Even now, with the thousands of potential terrorists created by the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans are way more likely to die on a road or of a heart attack than they are at the hands of some terrorist.

You'd think a guy who'd been Secretary of Health and Human Services for nearly four years would have some perspective--but you'd be wrong.

PS--If poisoning our food supply is terrorism, then major meat producers in this country like IBP and Tyson, and the government which allows their unsanitary slaughterhouses to operate unimpeded, are all terrorists.