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Sunday, November 07, 2004

What happened to the missing explosives?

I'll bet we'll learn where a lot of the explosives went when the final assault on Fallujah begins.
Rebels shot dead 21 Iraqi policemen in cold blood on Sunday, a day after killing 34 people in attacks on security forces, in a clear show of force ahead of an imminent U.S. offensive on insurgents in Falluja and Ramadi.
Police said gunmen killed 23 policemen in three attacks in Iraq. The bloodiest assault was in Haditha, 125 miles northwest of Baghdad, where insurgents with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars attacked a police station at dawn.

After a 90-minute battle in which six policemen were wounded, the attackers took 21 captured policemen to the K-3 oil pumping station area and shot them dead execution-style.
Whether Tories or Nazi sympathizers or John Walker Lindh, collaborators are, rightly or wrongly, usually the most despised people in an occupation. One of the most horrible aspects of a war, especially an illegal, unnecessary one, is how it puts people into impossible dilemmas. Through sanctions and curfews and destruction of infrastructure and a host of other reasons, many Iraqis have been placed in the situation of either collaborating or starving (or worse). By collaborating, they maybe get a paycheck and can buy food for their families. But they earn the undying hatred of their countrymen, who will kill them later if they can't kill them now. All of this blood is on the hands of George W. Bush (and the 59 million who voted for him, our very own collaborators), because none of this had to happen.