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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thank You, John Kerry

Thank you, John Kerry, for voting for the war in Iraq in 2002, defying your liberal constituency in Massachusetts to pander to the yahoos you thought would vote for you as president. Without the support of a supposed liberal and former anti-war activist, many more people would have questioned the legitimacy of Bush's reasons for wanting to attack Iraq. Others who might have believed the reasons but still thought that a pre-emptive war was illegal and unconstitutional, or that Congress shouldn't forfeit its constitutional prerogative to declare war to the president, probably had their doubts lessened by your vote. So thanks for that.

Thank you, John Kerry, for not saying anything during the four months that the UN inspectors were in Iraq finding huge stockpiles of jacksquat. A ruckus being raised by the sub-octogenarian crowd in the Senate might have had some effect in slowing the rush to war. But you said nothing. So thanks a lot.

Thank you, John Kerry, for seeking the Democratic nomination for president, for reasons still unclear to everybody. You took up ponderous minutes in the debates that the better candidates could have used to state real positions on real issues, including this absurd war that you helped Bush get us into. Your every word suggested to viewers that there isn't anything seriously wrong with how our country is being run, that Dean and Sharpton and Kucinich were just radical alarmists who don't understand how the world works.

Thank you, John Kerry, for accepting the media's building you up as "electable" while they ridiculed Dean and ignored Kucinich. Your soon to be running mate John Edwards showed some class in the debates by insisting that all of the candidates have a chance to be heard, something I never saw you do. Oh, and thank you for picking Edwards as your running mate. Heaven forbid that you pick someone anti-war like Bob Graham or Dennis Kucinich. Besides, North Carolina was clearly more important than Florida or Ohio, right?

Thank you, John Kerry, for all of your carefully-worded speeches telling the corporate elite in this country that there is nothing wrong with how they dominate life in this country, and that they had nothing to worry about from you. They appreciated that with lavish donations to your campaign and favorable media coverage. Amazingly, even though I never met anyone who thought you were the best candidate, you romped through the caucuses and primaries because people believed the media lies about you being the only Democrat who could beat Bush.

Thank you, John Kerry, for continuing to defend your vote on the Iraq war.

Thank you, John Kerry, for continually validating Bush's "war on terror" by suggesting that the only thing wrong with it was that he wasn't running it as well as you could.

Thank you, John Kerry, for hardly raising a peep about Bush's incompetence, or worse, which allowed 9/11 to happen.

Thank you very much, John Kerry, for running a campaign so inept that you could never open up a clear lead over the worst, most-failed president in history. I never wanted to vote for you, but you did such a lousy job that in the end I panicked and did anyway. And I spent hours on election day encouraging others to do the same. We got Michigan to vote for you. But you still couldn't win--or could you?

Thank you, John Kerry, for conceding the election to a fascist war criminal less than 24 hours after the polls closed, even though millions of votes were cast on non-traceable electronic voting machines and there were widespread attempts, many probably successful, to supress the vote. You may still have won the election, but still stuck to your class roots and chose to protect the ruling class from the possible effects of true democracy.

So thanks, John Kerry. Now go Cheney yourself.