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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Skip the Primaries in 2008

The Democratic presidential nomination goes to the first senator who asks Condiliar Rice the following question in her confirmation hearings:
"Ms. Rice. You've said on national television that "We" (you, the Bush Administration, the Federal Government) couldn't have imagined anyone would use planes as weapons, YET your own Administration was holding an emergency response exercise on precisely that scenario -- of a plane crashing into a tower -- that VERY morning of Sept. 11 -- at the National Reconnaissance Office, near Dulles Airport. And yet another emergency response exercise, by NORAD, the same agency that didn't scramble interceptors in time to prevent the attacks, was holding its OWN emergency response exercise on the morning of 9-11 on a multiple-hijack scenario. We know this because the lead coordinator of the attack-and-response scenario, pilots, and even General Arnold, NORAD's No. 2 who finally ordered the interceptors scrambled too late, were ALL participating IN the 'wargame' AS THE ATTACKS UNFOLDED and have GONE ON RECORD that they were at first confused as to whether emergency reports coming in from Boston were part of the game, or 'for real'; and they wouldn't, and couldn't, have been confused UNLESS the wargame scenario ITSELF was either of, or had a major component of, AIRLINER HIJACKINGS.
Okay, I stole that question verbatim from this web site, and I'd say it could probably be phrased a bit better. Any reasonable paraphrase of the question locks up the nomination.

For the vice-presidential nomination, we're looking for the senator who asks this question:
Dr. Rice: Secretary Powell provided his ultimate service to this administration with his masterful day of lies to the UN in February, 2003. Now, no offense Dr. Rice, but we've heard you lie. And you're not nearly as convincing as Secretary Powell. What lies can you tell us now to reassure us that you'll be able to lie effectively when called upon as Secretary of State?
Or, more seriously:
Dr. Rice: World oil production is going to peak in the next few years. Will you, as Secretary of State, reassure the rest of the world that the United States will commit to the massive conservation effort and switch to alternative energy sources needed to deal with this, or will you just carry on with the policy of this and all recent administrations that every drop of oil left in the ground belongs to us, and we're going to kill anyone standing in the way of us getting it? I think the rest of the world already knows the answer, but I think many Americans need to hear you say it loud and clear--that this administration is committed to being at war for as long as it takes, not to rid the world of "terrorism" as stated, but to extend the wasteful and unsustainable American way of life for as many years as possible. And how many American lives and trillions of dollars do you predict will be wasted in this effort?