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Friday, November 19, 2004

Over 12 million hungry families in aWol's America

WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than 12 million families last year, about the same as in 2002, either didn't have enough food or worried about being able to feed everyone, the government reported Friday.

In about one-third of these 12.6 million families, or about 3.9 million, at least one member experienced hunger because he or she couldn't afford enough food at some time during the last year, said the annual Agriculture Department report.

The other two-thirds of families avoided hunger by reducing the variety of foods they ate, participating in federal food assistance programs or getting supplies from community food banks and emergency kitchens, it said.
I wonder if an extra $20 a day per family would have made a difference. I think so, don't you? Because if you take $20 a day, multiply it by 12 million families, and multiply that by 611 days, you get $146,640,000,000, which is the approximate (monetary) cost to date for the 611 days of the Iraq war.

But our "leaders" thought it was more important to invade a country on bogus pretexts and kill hundreds of thousands of people (i.e. "liberate" them). And our "values" voters thought that was just fine.

Eliminate hunger in America--or eliminate Fallujah? Some values. Totally CHUBAR (Cheney'd up beyond all recognition).