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Monday, November 15, 2004

Ohio Recount!

The Green Party and the Libertarians are challenging the results in Ohio, and have raised the money required to pay the fee to get a recount in all 11,306 precincts:
With your help and the passionate support of more than 3,000 contributors in the last four days, we have now raised the required fee, estimated at $113,600, for a complete recount in all 11,306 precincts in Ohio.

Now we must ensure that the recount doesn't take place in a vacuum. We need witnesses, volunteers, housing and per diem, etc. to support the participation of thousands of volunteers, as well as funds for travel, communications, and other necessary expenses now being incurred as we press our campaign to see that every vote is counted.

We have set an initial goal of $100,000 for this effort (although we are still researching the full costs of fielding sufficient witnesses and volunteers).

Although the Kerry campaign is sitting on millions of dollars that could fund this effort, he promptly conceded the election, rolled up his tent and went home. It was left to the Cobb and Badnarik campaigns to insist that every vote be counted. As Greens we are organized to promote an accountable small 'd' democracy. And with your continued help we'll be able to do that!
Go to the Cobb-LaMarche web site to make a donation or to volunteer.

Maybe John Kerry doesn't really want to be president. Too bad! If he actually won the election, the Greens and Libertarians are going to kick him INTO office!