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Monday, November 15, 2004

Like the night follows the day

From the NY Times:
A rebel counteroffensive swept through central and northern Iraq on Monday as American troops struggled to flush the remaining insurgents from the rubble-strewn streets of Falluja.

Guerrillas in Baquba, Mosul, Kirkuk and Suwaira stormed police stations, set oil wells ablaze and struck at American military convoys with suicide car bombs, routing Iraqi security forces in several coordinated assaults and severely damaging parts of the country's petroleum-based economic lifeline.
The wave of attacks across the Sunni Muslim heartland suggested that guerrillas were ready to carry on the war despite the loss of their safe haven in Falluja.
I can't believe the NY Times is still buying the military's BS. There was no way that Fallujah was a "safe haven" for insurgents carrying out bombings and attack across Iraq. We've pissed off the whole country, not just Fallujah, and the whole country will now fight us to the death. It was completely predictable and in fact was predicted that the insurgency would intensify if and when the bloody assault on Fallujah took place. And there's this:
Overnight, insurgents attacked an oil storage tank in the north and set fire to four oil wells.
I'm guessing that the three-week decline in oil prices is about to turn around abruptly. Local gas prices have dropped below $2 a gallon; that won't last long either.

More from the article:
Colonel Regner said that as of Monday afternoon, 1,052 insurgents had been captured, all but one or two dozen of whom were Iraqis. The others were foreign fighters from countries he did not identify.
So much for "anti-Iraqi forces." These "insurgents" were Iraqis defending their country against foreign invaders.
He said 38 American soldiers had been killed in the Falluja operation and 320 wounded. Of the wounded, 134 had returned to duty. He said there had been 6 Iraqi soldiers killed in action and 28 wounded, two of whom had returned to duty.
That means 186 American soldiers were seriously wounded--missing arms, legs, eyes, maybe. All for a miserable pile of poisoned rubble.