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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Let the Eagle Soar..Away

Goodbye, John. We hated you. Now get lost and DON'T COME BACK!

Mother Jones' Jeff Fleischer comments on the Ashcrotch resignation:
[I]n his resignation letter, Ashcroft bizarrely wrote that "The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved."


As the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency argued just yesterday, nuclear terrorism remains a very real threat, with U.S. and international action needed to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons and causing a catastrophe. Osama bin Laden is still making videos instead of sitting in prison. Ashcroft’s DOJ even famously refused to close loopholes to prevent terrorists from acquiring guns in the U.S.

Ashcroft has his reasons for resigning, and that's fine. But his "mission accomplished" phrasing reeks of self-congratulatory revisionism.