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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

How convenient

An excuse to flatten another city!
Military officials have said 3,000 to 5,000 insurgents may have been inside the city, but they acknowledge many may have slipped away amid widespread reports that an offensive was coming.

"We believe most of the al-Zarqawi senior leadership has departed," one military source said.
-- From CNN

So, even if the lies they've been telling about every car bomb in Iraq being directed by a one-legged dead Jordanian hiding in some "safe house" in Fallujah had been true, the military is saying it isn't any longer. That means the "insurgents" are just trying to defend their homes and families from the invaders, who have absolutely no business being there. But apparently the US military intends to flatten every block and kill everyone left in the city.

This is a truly horrible war crime. You have to hope that somehow George W. Bush will someday be brought to justice. But Henry Kissinger is still free, continuing to spout his brutal nonsense to anyone who will listen. The truth seems to be that there is no justice.