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Sunday, November 21, 2004

For some reason, the words "arrogant prick" come to mind

AWol in Chile, that is. From CNN:
Upon arriving for an official dinner with world leaders gathered for the annual APEC summit on Saturday night, the president stopped after hearing commotion at the door of the Estacion Mapocho Cultural Center.

According to a videotape of the incident, Bush turned around and saw that one of his Secret Service agents was being forcefully restrained from entering by Chilean security guards.

The president dove into the crowd, where people were arguing and pushing one another, and pulled the agent through the door of center.

After the successful rescue, Bush turned around, cocked his head proudly at his maneuver and began to greet his hosts.
Then, today, the Secret Service (aka SS) insisted that all 230 guests invited to a dinner go through a metal detector. Showing more Andean spine than they did yesterday, the Chileans decided to call off the dinner rather than humiliate their guests. And imagine some foreign leader dragging an armed bodyguard past the SS at the White House, then smirking with pride. Hmmm. Maybe that's what Saddam did.