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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

E-mail scams--Not just for Nigerians anymore!

From my inbox:
Dear Friend,
Naturally, this letter will come to you as a surprise since we have not met, permit me however to introduce myself to you, I am Mrs.Analiza Thomas-Baker,the wife of Late Mr.Thomas Baker(a British Citizen),who died in the Train Bomb blast in Madrid in March this year.I have just recovered from my injuries and presently in my family house in Madrid.We were living in Puerto-Banus,Marbella-Spain before his death.We both travelled to Madrid to see my parents and it was on our way back that he met his death.

All i just want to diclose to you is that before his untimely death,he had a deposit of U6.3(Six Million,Three Hundred Thousand Euros)with the Marbella Security Company Ltd with me as the next of kin.I have all the deposit documents in our home in Marbella and i have handed them over to our lawyer.All i want you to do is to assist me in making claims of this fund by contacting our family lawyer and the legal department of Marbella Security on my behalf and acting as a foreign business partner to my family or to me.
Gotta admit, the fortune being in euros makes it more tempting right now!