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Friday, October 08, 2004

Sworn Enemy

Jonathan at A Tiny Revolution is reading the final Iraq Survey Group Report. He has found some sections which pretty much directly contradict the Bushies' repeated claims that Saddam was a "sworn enemy" of the US:
Throughout the 1990s [Saddam Hussein] tested Washington's willingness to open a dialogue. On multiple occasions very senior Iraq's close to the President made proposals through intermediaries (the author among others) for dialogue with Washington. Baghdad offered flexibility on many issues, including offers to assist in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Moreover, in informal discussions, senior officials allowed that, if Iraq had a security relationship with the United States, it might be inclined to dispense with WMD programs and/or ambitions.
-- page 4 of the "Transmittal Message" section of Volume I of the final Iraq Survey Group Report

In a custodial debriefing, Saddam said he wanted to develop better relations with the US over the latter part of the 1990s. He said, however, that he was not given a chance because the US refused to listen to anything Iraq had to say.
-- page 31 of the "Regime Strategic Intent" section of Volume I of the final Iraq Survey Group Report