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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Stupid is as stupid does

The "Sensible Liberal" is at it again. I'm sure that Tom Tomorrow and Busy, Busy, Busy and dozens of other bloggers will be all over Nicholas Kristof's latest apology for the worst president ever, but I'm going to get my shot in before I read theirs! Kristof tries to say that Bush is smart, as follows:
My Times colleague John Tierney wrote a few days ago of a new report suggesting, based on their scores on military intelligence tests taken in the 1960's, that Mr. Bush had an I.Q. in the 95th percentile of the population and that John Kerry's was in the 91st percentile. Yet most liberals have not revised their view that Mr. Bush is a nitwit.
Well, Nick, that's probably because most liberals realize that twenty years of acknowledged heavy drinking and who knows how many years of unacknowledged cocaine use can have a detrimental effect on intelligence.[1] I'd suggest that the military tests were correct--both Bush and Kerry were wealthy and connected enough to get out of having to go to Vietnam, but only Bush was smart enough to take advantage.[2] But you'd have to ignore all of the evidence, especially from the three debates, to conclude that Bush is still smarter than Kerry--or a doorknob, for that matter. I think Forrest Gump summed up Bush the best: "Stupid is as stupid does."[3]

Footnotes: 1. Twenty years in the U.S. Senate is probably also detrimental to intelligence, but not as bad as drinking and drugs. 2. Although people of considerably less intelligence than Kerry, like Dan Quayle and John Ashcroft, got out, as did those who were probably smarter, like Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney. Maybe it was only those of high but not exceptional intelligence like Kerry, Al Gore, John McCain and Max Cleland who got stuck going to Vietnam. 3. And Forrest knew several presidents.