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Friday, October 08, 2004

Presidential Debate: A Community Response

If you're local, come join us! From the AAACP:

Friday October 8
8:45 pm
Angell Hall Auditorum B on the University of Michigan Campus.
Co-sponsored by AAACP and U-M Residential College.

The public and press are invited to watch the second presidential debate on large-screen TVs (debate begins at 9 pm) and listen to responses by a panel of local experts. Desserts provided.

The panelists:
  • Javed Nazir, U-M Visiting Professor of Journalism, on foreign policy & the Iraq War.
  • Bob King, Vice President of United Auto Workers, on health care policy.
  • Linda Carter, President of Ann Arbor Education Association, on education.
  • Ronald Woods, EMU Professor of African American Studies, on domestic social policy issues.
  • Tom Weisskopf, Director of U-M Residential College and Professor of Economics, on the economy.