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Thursday, October 21, 2004


That ought to convince those Ohioans! Way to go Big John!

Of course, if the Canadian Geese in Ohio are anything like the bazillion Canadian Geese waddling and pooping all over Ann Arbor, it probably takes more skill to shoot a shotgun and NOT kill one than it does to kill several.

I thought the gun nuts were already solidly in the Bush camp. Isn't it young women that are supposed to be the key to a Kerry victory? Is killing pretty, defenseless and ubiquitous birds really the way to win over that demographic?

Zeynep at Under The Same Sun has more thoughts about Kerry's spastic activities he's pursuing to target key demographics. Zeynep also posts another lengthy quote from the John Kerry that I respect, the one from the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and wonders whatever happened to that guy. Here's part of the quote from young Kerry:
In our opinion, and from our experience, there is nothing in South Vietnam, nothing which could happen that realistically threatens the United States of America. And to attempt to justify the loss of one American life in Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos by linking such loss to the preservation of freedom, which those misfits supposedly abuse, is to use the height of criminal hypocrisy, and it is that kind of hypocrisy which we feel has torn this country apart.
So what does Kerry say about his Vietnam days now?
I defended this country as a young man and I will defend it as President.
For the next four years, President Kerry will lead probably the most brutish and ignorant America in history. And he has played a large part in getting us there. I sure hope the Repugs are right about him being a flip-flopper, because I don't like this new John Kerry at all.