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Monday, October 11, 2004

Hamdi "free"

From AP:
Yaser Esam Hamdi, a Saudi-American citizen who was captured on the Afghanistan battlefield and held without charges for nearly three years, has been freed and returned Monday to Saudi Arabia.
Besides surrendering his American citizenship, Hamdi was required to renounce terrorism, agree to live in Saudi Arabia for five years and not sue the U.S. government over his captivity. He is not allowed to ever travel to Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan or Syria.

The U.S. Justice Department agreed not to ask the Saudi government to detain Hamdi, who U.S. officials have said no longer poses a threat to the United States or has intelligence value.
Chances are about 99% that he NEVER posed a threat or had intelligence value. Still, the Bushies insisted on thumbing their noses at the Supreme Court by putting these petty and stupid conditions on his release (do they really want to thumb their noses at the Supremes right now?).

Then again, I'll bet there are a lot of Americans in uniform right now who wish they weren't allowed to travel to Afghanistan or Iraq.