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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Good Debate Reviews

Whatever it is, I'm Against It
World Socialist Web Site

Great new Bushisms:
I hear there's rumors on the Internets that we're going to have a draft.
My God! How many are there? This is a man who has clearly never googled anything--and it shows.

When a drug comes in from Canada I want to make sure it cures you and doesn't kill you. And that's why the F.D.A. and that's why the surgeon general are looking very carefully to make sure it can be done in a safe way. I've got an obligation to make sure our government does everything we can to protect you. And my worry is, is that, you know, it looks like it's from Canada and it might be from a Third World.
First, idiot, is that any way to respect a neighbor and ally in the "war on terror?" Second, I hadn't heard about Canada's space program being so advanced that they're now importing Vioxx from Venus.

Clearest knockout punch from Kerry (as long as you don't try to reconcile it with the rest of what he says):
Bush: Saddam Hussein was a threat because he could have given weapons of mass destruction to terrorists enemies. Sanctions were not working. The United Nations was not effective at removing Saddam Hussein.

Gibson: Senator?

Kerry: The goal of the sanctions was not to remove Saddam Hussein. It was to remove the weapons of mass destruction. And Mr. president, just yesterday the Duelfer report told you and the whole world, they worked. He didn't have weapons of mass destruction, Mr. president. That was the objective. And if we had used smart diplomacy, we could have saved $200 billion and an invasion of Iraq.