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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Getting Nasty--Kerry Commandos

I went out this morning to point my solar panel at the sun. I looked down the street. Yesterday, my next door neighbor had a Kerry sign up, and the next house had a Bush-Cheney sign. This morning, both had Kerry signs. The new Kerry sign wasn't placed very well, close to the house and leaning at a weak angle. When I went back outside five minutes later, it was gone. I know the people who live in that house--a nice old couple, probably in their 80's. The man is very active in the neighborhood, always organizing picnics and charity food drives. He generally has one or two boarders living there who seem to be down on their luck. But he's a single-issue voter, with a big "Stop All Abortion" sign on his front door and pro-life bumper stickers on his car. I'm pretty sure that Kerry didn't change this guy's mind in Friday's debate.

So I figured some Kerry vandals had hit the neighborhood. I think the tally of yard signs yesterday in the approximately 100 houses here was about 15 for Kerry, 4 for Bush. (I'm sticking with my simple blue-and-white "PEACE" sign.) I walked around the block this morning, and all of the Bush signs were gone. I saw one of the Bush houses with a hastily-placed Kerry sign. This isn't cool. Cyndy at Mousemusings had some Bush nut plaster Bush-Cheney stickers over the Kerry-Edwards sticker on her car a few weeks ago, but two wrongs don't make a right, even when directed against people who believe they do. It looks like things are getting nasty.