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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Fallujah has been there a while

The blog Whatever It Is, I'm Against It has been making the very valid point that Fallujah didn't just rise up from the earth to kill and mutilate four contractors back on March 31. Fallujah was the site of one of the earliest reported atrocities of this current Iraq war, back in April, 2003, when US troops who had occupied a school shot up a crowd of Fallujans, killing at least 15 and wounding many more. They shot up a bunch more the next day before withdrawing.

WIIIAI added this update yesterday:
In talking about the historical amnesia over Fallujah, I missed a quote, from British Foreign Minister Jack Straw, who after the 4 contractors were killed said that it "was not the Americans who cast the first Fallujah." My own historical amnesia was pointed out to me (by email) by blogger ManicNetPreacher, who noted that in the 1st Gulf War, the market in Fallujah was bombed twice in separate incidents (by the British).