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Sunday, October 17, 2004


FALLUJA, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. tanks pounded insurgent positions in eastern Falluja Sunday morning following airstrikes on a northern neighborhood where the military said "terrorists" were operating a checkpoint.
On Saturday evening, U.S. warplanes dropped bombs on targets in northern Falluja, including the Jolan neighborhood.

In a written statement, the coalition said an illegal checkpoint in Jolan was being used to "disrupt traffic, intimidate and harass local citizens, and interrogate and detain local civilians."
That's EXACTLY what U.S. troops do all the time!

And who gave Bush the green light to carry out this massacre in Fallujah? Try John Kerry. From the first debate:
Kerry: What I want to do is change the dynamics on the ground. And you have to do that by beginning to not back off of Fallujah and other places and send the wrong message to the terrorists.
President Kerry offers the same kind of hope for getting out of Iraq that Presidents Johnson and Nixon did for getting out of Vietnam: None.