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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Don't fool me once...That's okay, you can always fool me later

Decades ago, John Kerry demonstrated some intelligence about "intelligence:"
The intelligence missions themselves are based on very, very flimsy information... It is not reliable; everybody is feeding each other double intelligence, and I think that is what comes back to this country.

I think that the intelligence which finally reaches the White House does have serious problems with it... I have seen exactly what the response is up the echelon, the chain of command, and how things get distorted and people say to the man above him what is needed to be said, to keep everybody happy, and so I don't -- I think the entire thing is distorted.
--from John Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony.
Decades later, Kerry's intelligence intelligence had atrophied:
In 1991, the world collectively made a judgment that [Saddam Hussein] should not have weapons of mass destruction. And we are here today in the year 2002 with an uninspected 4-year interval during which time we know through intelligence he not only has kept them, but he continues to grow them.
John Kerry's speech explaining his vote for war in Iraq in 2002.

So what changed? I doubt if Kerry has lost IQ points. I don't think he's forgotten Vietnam. His view of the quality of so-called "intelligence" was probably not enhanced when he was investigating US involvement in Central America and the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980's. He must have known that the "intelligence" about Iraq's WMD's was overblown, if not the complete fiction it turned out to be. No, the main thing that happened was that Kerry decided to run for president. And the powers that be, however they send their messages, informed him that he could either run for president or oppose the war. (Joe Lieberman said basically that in one of the debates; maybe he was their messenger.) If he voted for the war, they would support him with their money and their media connections. If he voted against it, they would destroy him politically, at least on a national level. Kerry made his choice, and the powers delivered for him. He betrayed his constituency, a new generation of soldiers, and the people of America and the world in general, and because of that, he'll be our next president.

What could be more depressing than that? How about the fact that this sellout will actually be an improvement!

(Based on a post at A Tiny Revolution.)