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Friday, October 08, 2004

Dennis Kucinich was right

Cyndy links back to an extensive Kucinich was right page that she compiled back in January.

When Cyndy and I and many others were passing out Kucinich leaflets at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market and Art Fair in the summer of 2003, people would frequently ask us why we thought Kucinich had a chance when he was barely registering in the polls. I knew it was a long shot, but I would reply along these lines:
The war in Iraq is a mess, and it was based on lies. Over the next few months, that will become clear to many more people. Candidates like Lieberman, Gephardt, Kerry and Edwards who voted for the war will lose support, opening the door for people to look at the real anti-war candidates. Kucinich was more right on Iraq than any of them. Also, I think his message of abolishing NAFTA and instituting universal health care will resonate strongly with the millions who have lost jobs and/or benefits.
Unfortunately, the so-called liberal media was far worse than I thought. They managed, with the aid of useful-idiot Democrats like Kerry and Nancy Pelosi, to keep the non-existent WMD's a non-issue until David Kay's report, which came out after Kerry had already won Iowa and New Hampshire. At that point, they knew they could rely on Democrats to supress Ralph Nader and any other anti-war third-party candidates. Only now, with even those of us who swore we'd never vote for a pro-war candidate desperately admitting that Kerry is ever-so-slightly less awful than Bush and that we'd be ever-so-slightly less appalled to see him win, is the media finally allowing the American public to see what Kucinich and most of the world saw back in 2002, and what should have been obvious to everyone by May 2003--that Iraq had no WMD's, was no threat, and the war was one big huge expensive fatal lie.

Kucinich was right; Bush and Kerry were wrong. In America, that just doesn't matter.