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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Catastrophic Success Continues

From the NY Times:
A total of four American soldiers were killed in bomb blasts in the past 24 hours in Baghdad as insurgents continued their attacks.

At about 4:50 this morning in the western part of the capital a soldier was killed by an improvised explosive device, the military said. No other casualties were reported.

On Tuesday at 10 p.m., in eastern Baghdad, three Americans soldiers were killed when an improvised explosive device detonated on their convoy.
The continuing fatalities followed a series of aggressive strikes on Tuesday by American forces in insurgent strongholds west of Baghdad, including firing missiles into the streets of Falluja and conducting raids alongside Iraqi commandos in seven mosques in Ramadi.

The wave of assaults inflamed Sunni Muslim leaders and residents of the cities, who said innocent civilians were killed or arrested in the operations.

Warplanes attacked twice in Falluja in the early hours, with the first strike demolishing one of Iraq's most celebrated kabob restaurants, Haji Hussein, named after the owner. Mr. Hussein's son and his nephew, both working as night watchmen, were killed in the attack, residents said. The second attack took place about four hours later in another neighborhood, hitting an empty house and injuring two neighbors, nearby residents said.