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Friday, October 15, 2004

Absolutely Disgusting

I turned on the TV (that's disgusting enough), and a guy says "My brother-in-law is always inviting me over to watch the game on his BIG TV..."

A Circuit City sales guy says "And you hate him for it."

The guy nods, and slowly says "Yeah."

Sales guy says, "So what you want is something a lot bigger for a lot less money."

The guy says "Yeah!"

So in 15 seconds of a TV ad, we've got Circuit City encouraging a guy to hate his brother-in-law and get revenge by spending a lot of money on a big imported TV. So that, I guess, his brother-in-law can hate him back. And so he can be deeper in debt. And watch the game alone. And not be able to pay for the TV because he can't find a job at the local factory which used to make TV's. And use up more of the world's resources in making and shipping his big TV. And get him used to the idea that sharing is for losers. Mission accomplished.