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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Worst reason ever for opposing the war

These are the people picking our pResident:
"Kerry doesn't know what the working-class people do; he hasn't done any physical labor all his life," Sharon Alfman, a 51-year-old cook in New Lexington, Ohio, told a New York Times reporter. It's true. Kerry is a rich boy. But then she added: "Bush's values are middle-class family values."
Demonstrating that stupefying ignorance can be bipartisan, another Ohioan interviewed for the same article said she is against the war in Iraq because, like 42 percent of her fellow Americans, she thinks Iraq was behind 9/11: "We shouldn't be over there building them back up because they didn't build our towers back up." She is wrong on so many levels that it makes my brain hurt.
-- From Ted Rall. I met some extremely poor people on the streets of Caracas last spring, who had clearly been drinking, and who were speaking quickly in Spanish, which I barely understand. But I am convinced beyond any doubt that these Venezuelans had a far greater understanding of what is going on in the world than the majority of American voters do.