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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What, no flowers?

The NY Times story on today's bomb in Baghdad that killed 47 ends this way:
Perhaps as disturbing as the attack itself, though, was the reaction of the crowd at the scene. Gripped by an anti-American fervor all too common these days, dozens of men rushed at a Western cameraman and chanted, "Bush is a dog, Bush is a dog!"

They held up bits of the artillery shells and said American warplanes had fired missiles at the police recruits.

This rumor was echoed by wounded police officers.

"I saw American helicopters bomb one of the cars, and then they bombed another car," said Sgt. Kassim Mahmoud, 32, as he sat grimacing in pain in Karkh Hospital, his left leg wrapped in a bloody bandage. "But I don't think this will make us afraid."

Two policemen standing next to him looked on silently in agreement as nearby nurses put white gauze on a man shredded by dozens of pieces of shrapnel. The man bit his teeth in pain and shut his eyes. Tears streamed from their edges.

At the bomb scene, a woman in black robes knelt down by a pool of blood and began wailing, almost collapsing to the ground.

"Where are our sons?" she said. "What have the Americans done to us? What have our sons done to the Americans?"

At Karama Hospital, another woman threw a shoe at a car carrying an American reporter and photographer as it left the area. "Kill the Americans," she said. "Slaughter them one by one."